Keep doing your business during COVID 19

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Keep doing your business during COVID 19


Well none of us thought the world would be where it is today. Things are still changing so rapidly, it’s impossible to know how things will look two,three weeks or months from now. There’s no new normal—but people are still trying to live their lives as close to normal as they can, and local business can be a huge part of making that happen. Patients need to be taken care of; cars need repairs; people are still doing taxes and ordering takeout and fixing their houses.

Just as this COVID-19 crisis is threatening individuals and families worldwide, livelihoods are at stake too, making it crucial to figure out a way to keep local economies strong so we can all weather this storm together. Here are a suggested steps that could help keep you business working smoothly.

  1. Get a text-able phone number.

It’s even more true today—people want and need a convenient way to contact your business.

  1. Update your business listings & information

Time to check ALL your social media account listings are accurate and have updated information so customers and prospects can find you.

  1. Make your web-site as your primary “store front”

It is a great time to clean up web-site. If you have knowledge, make it pop. If not, there are many people who could help. Lead your social media posts to web-site

  1. Establish a line of communication with customers and team

On ALL your media a prominent way to contact you should be for front. Establish some sort of face time app to engage with all live or recorded messages.

  1. Offing con-tactless payment

Customers are rightfully are wary about passing cash or card. By offering contactless payment options, you can keep germs from spreading. Contact your financial institution on what apps are applicable to your specific needs

  1. Customer Reassurance

Let your customers know what you are doing to keep them safe. Cleaning certain areas, Ask a few COVID related questions before face to face meeting. Keeping safe distance when necessary.

  1. Work with your team to cut costs.

This is a tough decision for business owners. Although layoffs and furloughs are sometimes needed. Look for other ways to keep employees. Some example could be cut hours, reduce pay, cut bonuses and unpaid leave are some examples. Communicate and be open with employees.

  1. Utilize programs available.

There are many outlets for information on programs available through individual states and US Department of labor. I have put on my website.

  1. Be Patient and Vigilant

This is temporary. It might not feel like it yet. Be proactive, and try to avoid making major decisions too quickly.

  1. Believe in yourself

You are the owner and you need to maintain your life, sanity and business when all around you are losing theirs. This is by far the toughest of all. But you didn’t start your own business by not taking risks and not overcoming your fears.



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