C.R.I.D. an affliction that affects us all

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C.R.I D. is a serious and recurring affliction that I and most of us suffer from. How does one get? How long does one suffer? Is there a cure? This affliction that baffles the medical field is called Cranial Rectal Insertion Disorder (CRID).

Let us start off with cure. There is no medication, creams or magical potion but a simple cure. Just stop, relax and PULL YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS! Yes, this is the only and medically endorsed way to cure oneself of CRID.

How we acquire this condition is doing something stupid over and over, being an arrogant ass without provocation, not realizing we do dumb shit, thinking there is never silver lining, not learning from mistakes, being a pompous prick and, well there are many causes. You get the idea.

The duration of one’s suffering is determined on how long one does not realize that they are better than they make themselves out to be. Continue to let others get under their skin for long periods of time. We all can keep ourselves suffering for no apparent reason. I know myself I can easily become afflicted when I fuck up and do not try to correct my mistake. There are times we do become depressed because we have made mistakes and sulk in our hapless created sludge of a mess. There is nothing wrong with feeling sorry for ourselves for a period but if one keeps making excuses for our own plight and continually blames others for the fucking stupid stuff we created, CRID can become un-curable and becomes more serious and progress to a more serious scourge S.F.B shit for brains.

As you can read this is all in jest. We at times feel down about our actions and do not know how to turn things around. For this I give you NO simple answer. Sounds cliché but one just has to go and do it. I feel we control our own outcome and know where we want to be in life but getting there is a battle. You can’t let others squash your dreams; they are not theirs. We all have those dreams or goals that might not seem plausible and crazy, that is good. I know of no one who says I want to be average or mehh. Although there is time in life were boring is good but not all the time and this can lead to CRID. I was told by a smart man a few times, “sometimes you eat the bear, sometimes the bear eats you” very profound if you think about it. There are times we get our asses kicked and feels like no hope but then there are the times we kick ass. I do prefer the later although the prior leads us into a stronger self. So how do we prepare ourselves, so we are not eaten by the bear consistently and avoid repetitive flare ups of CRID? It is kinda simple, Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. Will we fail during our journey? Yes, consistently! Be ready for that and use those failures to prepare for next step. When we fail and we sulk about how we fucked up or not recognizing we failed then we become a failure, not fun times.

So, what do we do? Where do we go from here? A question we ask ourselves many times over. As a financial advisor I use the words like, “have a diverse manageable portfolio.” The financial definition of “have a diverse manageable portfolio” is make more money on your investments than you lose. The life definition create more opportunities for yourself than missed chances. Pretty straight forward and achievable. If you start seeing the signs of CRID and understand the symptoms, you might have time to get your shit together. So my advise “Get your head out of your ass”

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