The Resolution

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The Resolution

Hmm new year resolutions. The start of New Year has always been a resolution frenzy. Ranging from “losing weight to doing nothing”. Fact is 80% of all resolutions fail within first month. Why we do this to ourselves I never will understand. Mostly we try to achieve something we never tried or feel we could not do. This isn’t a bad thing but let’s be realistic, fear is a major driving force and then life gets in the way NOT the goal we wish to achieve. Oops another year gone, and nothing accomplished. Well that sucks and routine starts all over again.


What next?

Continuing the same routine can lead to a depressive state of mind so let’s turn this around.  If we focus on the “do nothing” there is only a 20% chance of failure. Ahh see what I did there.

So, let us focus on something simple. Something that is motivational. Find a phrase or word describing what it is you want to accomplish. Not phrase from poster of a cat hanging on to a branch “Hang in there”. Not big enough. Wait didn’t I just say simple, well go big is simple. Don’t go low. Remember it is YOU we are talking about not others.

Here is simple but big. Healthy, Money, Travel, Love, Help. Follow with phrase:

I want to be healthy – I will make more money – I need to travel – I have more love to give – I must help more.

Write down word and phrase and place where it can be seen everyday multiple times of day.


How it works?

The word and phrase are a thought put into action that will be utilized every day. Seeing and thinking in such a simple manner will be monumental as time goes by. Which believe it or not it will become subliminal in your daily routine.

I as a financial adviser will focus on “MONEY”. Follow the logic.

We go through the day in our routine and not thinking how the impact of a small financial adjustment can be. Instead of having burger, fries and soda a small monumental impact is burger no fries and cup of water. Shit, I think covered most phrases mentioned, tad healthier, saved maybe a buck or two so having is making, buck or two towards travel, helped local economy. Love if you were pleasant towards staff. You might have made their day less stressful.

Money not spent where it doesn’t need to be is saving/making. With time it will grow, and you have just invested in yourself, financially, physically and mentally. More money saved/making also could be invested into financial assets, which grow over time by making money on other people’s money.



These minor changes are huge if continued through out the day, week, month and year. As time goes on you will notice the changes and effects of simple acts. As we can see no unreasonable resolution was created and had to be maintained but major accomplishments were achieved.

We then become that 20% failure rate of the “do nothing” resolution by doing something. We didn’t set ourselves up to fail only to succeed one simple monumental step over time to achieve our resolution.

It is that simple to have BIG changes.

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