A Plan

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A Plan

With the occurrence of hurricanes and natural disasters, one could see the planning needed for time of emergency. We sit and see disasters happening to others and HOPE that the same won’t happen to us. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Disasters come in many different shapes, sizes and angles that we do not see till it is upon us. We then try and find some sort of meaning to unravel the complications in front of our eyes. All we have now can be gone in a split second.

We cannot stop disasters and tragedies, but we can alleviate certain issues if preparation was previously planned. The 5 P’s PRIOR PREPARATION PREVENTS POOR PERFORMANCE! It is in our nature to put off till tomorrow what could be done today. The reason possibly is if we don’t think about it, it won’t happen. Though the easy way is out of sight out of mind one day the reality WILL be faced, and we hoped we are prepared.

Preparing is actually the easy part once we focus on our own futures. Monetary is not necessarily what I am talking about but yes money helps. The plan could be a written or verbal, but THE PLAN needs to be started. Putting money aside, stock up on food, water, medical supplies, defense tools, and evacuation route, to name a few is a good start. Items will vary depending on our life styles. If A Plan is executed when the time of disaster comes, we will have a clear head knowing that we prepared ourselves. Again The 5 P’s – PRIOR PREPARATION PREVENTS POOR PERFORMANCE!

I know I can hear, “William that is easy to write about, but life isn’t that simple!” My answer is “Life is SIMPLE it is the LIVING that is hard”. Even harder if not prepared with A PLAN. My preparation does come from life experience. Many happenings shaped my life champion athlete, war veteran, medical problems, money issues, job loss, close family and friends’ deaths (expected and unexpected), long distance separations, life altering occurrence etc.… All of which are part of building The Plan.

There are many times we say we will do anything for my family but if you don’t take care of yourself and something happens who then will take care of family. The Plan you set for yourself can lessen the burden on family. The sooner we establish A Plan the sooner we can put our minds at ease knowing that a guideline for disasters is set and we could continue enjoying life.

All this might sound overwhelming and not in the realm of everyday thought, but we need to talk to a financial planner to set up A Plan. The fiduciary responsibility and obligation of an investment advisor is not to be taken lightly. With all tools at hand a financial planner can professionally set up parts of The Plan, one that will help us sleep easier, the financial plan. Once a financial plan is developed, we can see how we stand in our everyday lives and how our money habits affects more than ourselves. We should be responsible to ourselves and maintain A Plan to our life situations. We need to be prepared for the good and the bad.

Fight for what you want now rather than fighting against it down the road. Many of times we will put off planning till later. Well later turns into never and then it becomes too late. Become the best we can for ourselves and others, with no regrets.

So, the questions we should ask ourselves;

“Are we prepared?

“DO we have A PLAN?”


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