Why Not Me?

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Going through the day wondering negatively “Why not me?” can eat and destroy a person. That question can change with a positive outlook “Why not me!”. The idea that one must settle for their financial situation they are in is a bad idea. No one should live this way. This is the idea of Financial Lifestyle Enhancement is about. Most of the people when asked do not want money they want a life. Living is the tough part; life is easy!

Mostly where and when to invest money comes into question. This leaves many on the sidelines the risk is too great and no one there to guide them through the investing jungle.

Turn off financial news, most of what is there is in the past and already can put someone behind the curve. Tactical approach can be a positive way to go. Starting investing is finding a coach/advisor who has punched their way through the markets. The whole market can be overwhelming with words, numbers acronyms, charts and abbreviations all over the place. Within half hour one can through up their hands and give up, go back to the sidelines. This is what I hate to see. Getting off the sidelines is where the game is. The is no winning if not in the game.

Removing the word Financial and just looking at Lifestyle Enhancement can be liberating and easier to accept. Most of us can see the future by just understanding the term lifestyle enhancement. Question to ask is, “What do you want?” The answers will vary from simplistic to ones of grandeur. Those answers are seeing into the future. One must mentally go into the future go get ideas, dreams and bring back to the present for the reward. The test is; to get what one doesn’t have one must be willing to do something they have never done before. The risk is there but not impossible. Having a financial advisor to evaluate these risks so the reward, idea, dream can be realized.

Now add the word Financial back into Financial Lifestyle Enhancement and this is the means to enhance one’s life. Once guidance is received and accepted the whole motif of investing the task seems less intimidating but more free flowing. Breaking it down by sustainable tactical investing can motivate one to take those risks and aspire to be in a better financial state which raises one enhanced lifestyle.

A basic way to start is work with financial advisor and go over ALL of one’s financial state. A financial advisor has a major fiduciary code of ethics to work for the best interest of persons who want to invest their hard-earned money. Risks vary for each and every person. Not one person is the same. This is greatly prevalent in financial investing. What one seems as a lot of money will vary in other’s eyes. Doesn’t matter all monetary value is precious to each individual person. Once started stability grows with continual monitoring and communication of financial advisor.

Investing is a collection of dots and trust the dots will be connected down the road. Nothing is worth it unless one is willing to take a risk. It is best to have a financial advisor to help connect the dots and explain risks that can be ahead. There are fears in investing, all are justified but pushing past one’s comfort level they can become what they are worth.

To put investing simply, a job gives one a pay check; investing is a way of making money.

A great financial advisor will help one aspire to make that difference.

So, the answer to ask is “Why Not You!”


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